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TSR Resize & Rotate Version History

  • Version

    • Few bugfixes
    • Reduced usage of registry
    • Added support for sharing on Flickr, next patch will feature Twitter.
  • Version

    • Folder load is now much quicker.
    • Thumbnail loading has been temporarily disabled due to massive code changes under the hood.
    • Facebook sharing is now possible. Flickr & Twitter soon to come!
    • Few bugfixes.
    • A crash fix on folder loading.
  • Version

    • Fixed folder loading if there is less than 20 pictures in a folder.
    • Program is now much prettier.
    • Few bugfixes on updater.
  • Version

    • It now counts files almost instantly instead of being up to several minutes about it.
    • Fixed resizing above 200 files causing it to crash due to memory footprint.
    • Fixed loading above 200 files, it now handles around 1000 photos just fine at the time.
    • On every update it is no longer neccessary for it restart desktop twice.
    • Installer no longer force-restart desktop, instead it asks for a restart.
    • Updater no longer force-restarts desktop, if changes to context-menu it asks to restart.
    • Loading of folders into program is now done multi-threaded, speeds up loading.
  • Version

    • Bugfixes
    • New icons
    • Changes language icon based on language.
    • Performance improvements.
  • Version

    • Few bugfixes.
    • Updating system is now revamped, shows changelog and download progress.
    • Added ability to drag-drop a folder into the program
  • Version

    • Fixed loading of many pictures.
    • Added a loading box to indicate load-progress.
    • Much lower memory print.
    • Changes to the folder resizer.
    • Added save quality to pictures.
    • Added possibilty to save resized pictures in a new format.
  • Version

    • Added the ability to load folders and browse them.
    • GUI Improvements.
    • Bugfixes.
    • New picture loading system.
    • Thumbnails for pictures.
    • Scrollbars on picture.
    • Fixed minimum resize.
  • Version

    • Fixed a crash.
    • Fixed download links.
  • Version

    • Removed the 100 picture limit.
  • Version

    • Initial public release.
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