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TSR Continuously Backup

Secure your files and stop worrying about your backup

Download now and you can have your backup running in less than 5 minutes, restoring backed up files takes only seconds.

All files are copied to your backup destination automatically and continually, this way you will never miss a file if it gets deleted unintended. You control what is backed up and how often, everything else is taken care of by the software.

All files are backed up in a logical structure so you can restore files in a matter of seconds, no hassle.

Download now

Your benefits

  • Secure you files by creating a copy of your file structure in the defined destination directory.
  • Fast and easy restore of files with TSR Backup, all files are copied in the existing file and directory structure.
  • Improved protection by continually backing up files even while you are working on the computer.
  • No need to worry, software is updated automatically.
  • Confidence in the backup result, shut down the computer when the backup has completed - never skip a file backup


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