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About TSR

At TSR Software we create software that makes your tasks easier. Whether you protect your images with TSR Watermark Image, do easy backup with TSR Backup, use TSR Copy Changed Files or chat with TSR LAN Messenger – we take great pride in creating simple solutions to your complex problems.

The beginning

TSR software is created by Danish Master of Science in Engineering Anders Pedersen - who started making small size software to his own small size problems. Over time he saw that other needed it too, and the software became more user-friendly, more advanced and new software came about. Always and still our goal is to offer simple solutions that solves your problems.


The TSR team consists of young bright minds combined with the skill set of experienced software developers. We consider it to be serious business to hatch new ideas and working hard on releasing new software, but our working environment is down to earth and between tasks we play Table Football to release stress.


The TSR software is easy to use, has multiple languages and auto-checks for the newest version.

The TSR software is tested thoroughly by our developers and our users, and often users play a great role in making new features or adding new language files. This ensures that we actually create software that is both usable by multimillion dollar companies and everyday people.

If you want to participate in adding a new language to a product – please contact anders@tsr-soft.com

Other Products

The team behind TSR are also the creators of the TimeBlock method, an agile working method for teams.

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