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TSR Photo Manager

Sort trough thousands of photos in minutes instead of days and get order to your photo mess.

Move a photo to one or multiple directories or mark it for deletion.

Cleanup and fix your photos with the build in support for cropping and applying filters.

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Your benefits

  • Save your time TSR Photo Manager is quicker than anything else
  • Free up space delete thousands of images in minutes instead of days
  • Get organized sort all your unsorted photo libraries
  • Clean up mark images for deletion, and move them to the recycle bin,
  • Beatify and cleanup photos with build in support for cropping images
  • Personalize your photoalbums each image can be moved to multiple directories, this way you can make one folder for your mother and one for yourself.
  • Easy to use available in 3 different languages.
  • No hassel Easy to use and free trial version available for download.


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Supported Formats

BMP files, Dr. Halo CUT files *, DDS files, EXR files, Raw Fax G3 files, GIF files, HDR files, ICO files, IFF files, JBIG **, JNG files, JPEG/JIF files, JPEG-2000 File Format, JPEG-2000 codestream, KOALA files, Kodak PhotoCD files, MNG files, PCX files, PBM/PGM/PPM files, PFM files, PNG files, Macintosh PICT files, Photoshop PSD files, RAW camera files, Sun RAS files, SGI files, TARGA files, TIFF files, WBMP files, XBM files, XPM files
English Deutch Danish
TSR Photo manager is available in the above languages.
If you can help translate the software to another language, please contact Philip.
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