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TSR Photo Manager Download

TSR Photo Manager

Free for personal use

  • Sort all your images
  • Get organized by deleting photos
  • Move only to one album
  • Free email support


TSR Photo Manager

Full version

  • Save disk space delete junk photos
  • Quick and easy sort through thousands of photos
  • Extreme flexibility move photos to multiple albums
  • Free support with multiple options for contact

Buy Now!

$29.95 usd / €22.95 eur / £18.95 gbp

TSR Photo Bundle

Normal price $106.95 US

  • Photo Manager
  • Watermark Image
  • Resize & Rotate
  • Backup

Save $37 US

$69.95 usd / €54.95 eur / £44.95 gbp (27. januar 2014)

  • Version

    • In the previous version it was not possible to registrate the full version.
    • Disabled hover-images for now due to wrong sizing.
    • Added easier access to changing folder-paths.
    • The current picture is now highlighted in the gallery above.
    • You can now click on pictures in the gallery to switch to that picture.
    • Minor layout fixes.
    • Crash fix on switching code. (Perhaps I've gotten them all now!)
    • When done with a folder it will no longer save your position in that folder, since you were done with it.
    • Made an option for contacting our support in options.
    • Made some of the layout easier to navigate.
    • Clarified the introduction, and added more pictures, and added a progress bar, please review introduction under "Options" -> "Watch Introduction".
    • Added a scrollbar to the top gallery.
    • The updater now works correctly, it didn't update as it should.
Version History

Need a Trial version or have a license key but no software?

Download the TSR Photo Manager PRO - trial version and register it after installation!

The Free version is only for personal use, if you need to use it for business use or wish access to all features you must download the pro version and purchase a license key.

If you purchase a license for our products you will receive a license key by e-mail, you must then enter this key into the product by clicking the Registration menu.