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TSR LAN Messenger

Secure and AES encrypted chat no third party can read your chat messages.

No central server - you'r running your own server that only you have access to.

TSR LAN messenger makes your chat communication better, as it enhances the inter-office communication, both professionally and on a human level.

TSR LAN messenger reduces time and distance between divisions while keeping the chat secure from third party.

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  • Every conversation is encrypted using AES private/pulic key so no unwanted third party can read the messages
  • TSR LAN messenger is instant messaging, instant meeting requests, instant support and instant contact with you employers, co-workers or management.
  • With TSR LAN messenger you can do chat meetings, group messages, offline messaging, easy meeting requests, share and work on new ideas, get notifications such as birthdays, meetings, national holidays.
  • Secure LAN messaging, no server is required and no active Internet connection - All message exchanges are protected by the AES encryption algorithm .
  • Any number of users. Easy installation. Multilanguage.


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